10 Piece Box of Emergency Blankets, 84″ X 52″

By on October 24, 2015
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Box of 10 emergency blankets. Reflective material retains body heat and creates a reflective surface for increased visibility. Each blanket comes folded and packaged in a 5 in. x 4 in bag, and a box of 10 makes it easy to keep one in your car, at home, in your bag, or anywhere else an emergency may occur.

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Customer Reviews

You won’t regret this purchase.

 on March 28, 2015
By Kristen Jackson
What can I say. . they are what they are. I ordered these to help line a feral cat shelter I have in our yard. They definitely seem to help retain the heat inside, which is much needed in the cold NH winter. There are tons of possible projects for these, and at these price, it’s hard to say no. Always good to have a couple in your emergency kit and in your car.

I’ve never used one of these myself and not sure how good one would be that will blow around in a …

 on April 16, 2016
By BillyTheKid
I got a box of 10 of these basically because of the price. I don’t exactly know what I’ll use them for as I also bought a box of 10 Mylar emergency sleeping bags as well. A bag will keep the wind out and just makes a lot more sense, but for the price figured these could have their uses, maybe line a jacket with them, or line the roof of a shelter or offer to a trauma victim I might come across. I’ve seen trauma victims on the news with these wrapped around them and marathon runners after their race. I’ve never used one of these myself and not sure how good one would be that will blow around in a light breeze. Cheap enough, small enough and light enough to take a chance on buying them. I put three in my car 1st aid kit, three in my RV and 4 in my Bug Out Bag, broke the sleeping bags up in the same way.

For all your emergency preparedness needs

 on September 26, 2017
By Rachel
Got these to throw in hiking backpacks in case of emergency and emergency earthquake/disaster bag. Have not used or removed from package because I know they are impossible to refold and I want to keep them compact, but they are pretty standard. I chose this item based on price and quantity for what I needed. Shipping was fast.

good and useful

 on January 17, 2018
By Leslie Miller
good and useful. They appear thinner than some other brands, but that could be the packaging, so I will up the rating to 4

inexpensive indoor grow space liner!

 on June 26, 2015
By Brian Liu
i used these as a inexpensive way to line a space to be reflective used for indoor plant growing. totally cheap, durable, and effective.

So easy to keep in your first aid kit

 on March 26, 2017
By Chris Z.
So easy to keep in your first aid kit, in your car, or wherever else. Keeps you slightly warmer in an emergency and serves as an amazing signal to ground or air rescue.

Good- as expected.

 on March 5, 2016
By Conniedgl
Although the emergency blanket is quite thin, it seems to be tough enough for an emergency situation. My ten pack will be used in a variety of creative ways such as lining a dog house to help my dogs with winter chill or a makeshift sunshade over my south facing patio windows on a (too) hot day. And of couse to keep one in all the vehicles and day trip back packs. Great price for this order.

Sturdy reflective material.

 on June 27, 2016
By Ken
I placed this on the hammock and then a foam/silver sleeping pad and then my sleeping bag. Cozy all night in 40 degree weather.

not much to say about these, they are just …

 on March 28, 2016
By Andy Johnson
not much to say about these, they are just what you would expect from mylar blankets. each come in a single folded in a single pouch.

Five Stars

 on July 14, 2016
By Timothy Wallace
Great to have for “just in case” moments.

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