Cold Steel Inferno 7 gm Pen Unit Pepper Spray

By on October 20, 2015
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Inferno is a new pepper canister weapon from Cold Steel that will turn the biggest, meanest, most violent criminal into helpless molten wax at your feet. Unlike other pepper sprays you may have heard about, Inferno deploys a highly targetable foam that contains 8% Oleoresin Capsicum and 2% black pepper. It dissolves into a liquid on contact (this liquefaction effect is tactically important, since other sprays remain "foamy" -like a pie in the face-and make it possible for your assailant to wipe the foam from his face and chuck it at you). One good shot in the face with Inferno will dilate the capillaries of the eyes causing temporary blindness. It will induce choking, coughing and nausea and most importantly trigger and immediate and massive sneeze reflex (due to the atomized black pepper particles) that will drag the super hot Habanero chili extract deep into the mucous membranes of the sinus cavities of the nose, throat and lungs causing them to swell up and prevent all but desperate life support breathing. In short Inferno will melt any attacker(s) into the ground and leave them totally incapacitated for a considerable period of time giving you ample opportunity to escape and summon the police.DescriptionInferno .24 oz. (7 Gram) Pen Unit

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Customer Reviews

Arivved 2 days before expected, and the pen looks 100% legit and I tested it.

 on December 21, 2010
By AppleGeek83
I got this order 2 days before I expected which was really surprising and convenient. This pen defiantly looks like a real pen, I showed my friends this pen and said, “What do you think?” and at first they were like “cool, whats so special about it?”. As soon as I uncapped it they were like wow! Four of my friends just thought it was a fake but thats their loss. I sprayed a bit in the air for tests and standing 2 feet away from it I got a headache, watery eyes, itchy throat, and an uneasy feeling that too just in the air. It must be 3x the pain when applied on face. I defiantly think a majority of people should buy this. It’s discreet, light, and it will save your life.I bought this because I am a high school student whose life is in danger by many kids. I can now walk confidently under dark, dim, remote areas without fearing I am going to get mugged. This should put out 3 attackers. Also make sure you spray this away from the direction of the wind, it may not fully get on the attacker and may possibly backfire! Also when firing hold it with a grip and stay at least a distance of the attacker they may take it from you and use it on you. Thanks to the seller and hope everyone stays safe! Happy Holidays!!!

you’re good to go

 on August 22, 2014
By Amazon Customer
Buy it. Buy it now. Ladies, this is all you will EVER NEED to level the playing field and feel secure anywhere and everywhere you ever go!!!! Trust me, I did my research. Watch some videos on this thing, ouch!! The cap is not very tight or stable (doesn’t come flying off, but don’t use the cap to clip it to anything), but if you keep it in an outside pouch in your purse and just keep an eye on it, you’re good to go. I imagine if you needed you could even carry this in your pocket, just don’t trying wrestling someone with it in your pocket. This thing is handy, discreet (I’ve passed through airport security several times with it, no problem), extremely portable/travelable and will level anyone, HIGHLY recommend for self defense. Own your space wherever you go!!!!

hope i dont have to rate it higher

 on December 14, 2013
By greatwhite22
…not that i dont want it to perform up to or above my expectations, it is just that i got this for my wife and i hope that she never has cause to use it. but as these things (and concealed carry) go, if you carry all your life and never need it, then that is great…but if you dont carry and need it once, well not so great.

Better to be safe than sorry…

 on March 3, 2014
By David C.
I purchased one of these to carry daily. It conceals well and appears to be quality constructed. I did test it and it appears to spray about 3 feet. The cap is a little wobbly, but that is fine with me. No need to decrease a star. You would not be complaining about a wobbly cap if it saves your behind.

 on September 24, 2016
By paul cousineau says thanks

Stylish and effective

 on January 11, 2013
By Sara
I bought this for my sister when she refused to carry around something bigger and more obvious. It looks and feels completely benign with the cap on. I’ve had success using Inferno in the past, so I know this unit will be effective if put to use.

Convienent to carry

 on June 2, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I haven’t had the need to use this yet but it definitely looks like a pen in your pocket, and I haven’t had any trouble with the cap.

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