Defend Yourself From An Attacker

By on April 1, 2014
self defense

Martial Arts is built for self-defense. This presentation will give you easy-to-follow techniques in the unfortunate event you find yourself in a bad situation.

If someone puts their hands on your neck to choke you, put your shoulders up. This should alleviate the choke hold a bit. Then you can chop the attacker’s arms and knee him in the groin. If this doesn’t do the trick, push the attacker’s face away and poke him in the eyes. You can also kick him in the stomach. These are the main areas you want to hit, and hit these areas over and over again until you can escape to safety. If you can poke him in the eyes, then he cannot see you and you will have a good opportunity to escape.

Another technique is to stomp on the attacker’s foot as hard as you can. Do whatever you can to get away. If you are attacked from behind and the attacker is choking you, grab his hand, stomp on his foot, and use your elbow to punch him in the stomach. As soon as you can, try to escape.

THREE IMPORTANT TIPS: 1.) Always carry pepper spray and have it in your hand. It doesn’t do any good at the bottom of your purse. 2.) Walk in lighted areas even if it is not the shortest route. 3.) Let people know where you are going. Be careful, be aware, and be safe!

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My passion is to teach what was passed down to me – the skills of self-sufficient living. Some call it survival or prepping. I call it wisdom. And my goal is to convey my wisdom and knowledge in a way that is doable for the average person.

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