Emergency Communications Bug Out Bag

By on April 11, 2014
emergency communications

Let’s say your sitting at home having dinner one night when suddenly the lights went out. No phone, no TV, no Internet, no cellphone connection – would you know what to do?

The first thing you should do is get your flashlight and find your battery powered radio. (A hand crank style radio is best so that you can recharge the battery.)

In any disaster, you may need to communicate with friends or the outside world. This excellent video will show you what to include in your (EMCOM) emergency communications bug out bag. One important feature shown is a print out of the frequencies of the local emergency services. These are kept in an information pouch in the bug out bag. The small pouch also includes any instructional manuals for the items in the kit. A small notepad and pencil are useful items too. They are important for taking down notes when transmitting or receiving information. The kit in the video below was put together for about $300.00 and all the equipment fit in an 8′ X 12″ organizer-style tote bag.

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