Emergency Space Blanket

By on November 15, 2015
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The Emergency Space Blanket from Grabber is something you always want to have on hand. It will aid in keeping your warm when you need it. It's compact enough that it fits in your pocket. PRODUCT FEATURES: Windproof, waterproof and flexible to -60 The blanket reflects back 80% of body heat utilizing super insulation proven in space missions Opens to a full 56"x 84" size Weight: 1.5 oz 127010 , Grabber Emergency Space Blanket , survival , tent footprint , insulation , keep warm , emergency , backpacking , hiking

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Customer Reviews

Personal Space Heaters

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 on August 24, 2014
By Amy Largent
I assumed these didn’t actually work, but we were recently stuck on Mt Whitney in freezing rain when I remembered I had one of these in my pack. The amount of heat they reflected was amazing! Two of us huddled under one blanket and stayed warm in freezing temperatures no problem. As soon as I got home, I ordered a few more – another for our hiking kit, and one for each of our cars. Definitely recommend, especially for the price!

the best for water heaters

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 on October 21, 2013
By finkey
If you need to save on your electric bill, this mylar blankie will insulate your hot water heater splendidly. Buy a regular thermal blanket for your heater, put that on, then put this on top. We needed two to wrap around our 80-gallon heater, and used wide scotch tape to bind them together. After about seven months, we have to replace the mylar blanket, due to sunlight (our heater is outside). It perfectly compliments our solar water heater system, where we need the save the hot water from daytime into the night hours. If you like hot showers or baths late in the evening, you’ll appreciate this.

Do you want to live or not?

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 on December 3, 2011
By Matthew
I spent three-nights bushwalking, and an Emergency Blanket turned out to be critical for each & every night. I admittedly went in unprepared with a zip-up fleece blanket — like a sleeping bag but not a sleeping bag — and a cotton liner. The first day & night were dry, but at night I noted that my body heat was being lost to the world too quickly. My tent, double-layer air mattress, fleece blanket, & liner were not enough. I put on a dry heavy Columbia Omni-Wick shirt — not enough. I put on dry ski socks — not enough. Then I had to take the Emergency Blanket step, and I was then confident I would be OK. The next two days & nights were extremely wet & notably cold as I fast-tracked to get out of the park. And I luckily I could just-manage to keep my sleeping gear dry thanks to a compression dry sack (everything else was soaked), and adding on the Emergency Blanket was a no-brainer each following night. For a few bucks and the confidence that you’ll wake up in the morning … buy it. (And buy a double-layer air mattress too depending upon what you’re doing … losing heat to the ground was big time non-issue for me.)

Backpacked in Alaska and got drenched after a day hiking …

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 on October 15, 2014
By Julia
Backpacked in Alaska and got drenched after a day hiking through constant rain. My buddy was having a tough time warming up in the tent after dinner so I jokingly suggested using the space blanket (jokingly since he wasnt exactly at risk of hypothermia). But it helped him A LOT and INSTANTLY. He ended up sleeping with it.

I haven’t used this yet, and i hope i …

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 on May 24, 2016
By futurestorms
I haven’t used this yet, and i hope i never have to.


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 on August 23, 2013
By John J Colbath
exactly what i ordered because i wanted these type of items and walmart wanted too much money for the same


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 on March 19, 2013
By Colleen Prasad
I loved this blanket. It’s very light weight and keeps you very warm. I bought a few for myself and I am glad I did. They will last me a long time.

Made in USA!

 on September 20, 2016
By Sherry s Parks
Essential item for the emergency kit. Many many uses for this very inexpensive product.

to keep it cool and clean

 on November 5, 2015
By North Gate Outlander
I purchased this to cover a harvested animal that was being transported several hours, to keep it cool and clean. I worked well.

but nice and small to keep packed away in an emergency …

 on April 14, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Hasn’t been used, but nice and small to keep packed away in an emergency bag.

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