William Douglas
William Douglas Since childhood, William spent most of his time in the woods. Hunting and fishing are his passions and his father, an Eagle Scout, was his hero and mentor. “Be prepared Billy” was the mantra that was ingrained at an early age.

William’s father and grandfather, a World War II fighter pilot, inadvertently taught him survival skills through gardening, shooting and camping which were just their way of life.

“My passion is to teach what was passed down to me – the skills of self-sufficient living. Some call it survival or prepping. I call it wisdom. And my goal is to convey my wisdom and knowledge in a way that is doable for the average person.”

Steve Conners
Steve Conners Steve Conners is what you call a true “desert rat”. He was born in Tucson, Arizona near the border of the Saguaro National Park. A typical day in his childhood included running with a pack of coyotes and catching scorpions. Steve became one with nature and quickly learned to respect every aspect of it. Living in close proximity to several local Native American tribes, Steve learned how they survived off the land without depleting the natural resources. From collecting chia seeds to eating cactus blossoms, Steve quickly became an expert on desert survival.

Steve has taught desert survival classes to both young and old. His tremendous amount of experience and knowledge have helped countless people all over the world. The desert is one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet so much of what Steve teaches can apply to other less difficult environs.

Although Steve is a private person, he really enjoys sharing his knowledge and respect for the desert with others. He has spent months in the desert alone surviving solely on endemic plants for sustenance. Collecting water and food are two of Steve’s survivalist specialties. We’re lucky to have Steve as a contributing expert on Survivalism 101.

Jennifer Wessler
Jennifer Wessler Jennifer grew up on a small farm in Wisconsin. She learned at an early age what it means to live off the land. Her parents grew their own fruits and vegetables. Jennifer became a homesteader without even realizing it. Fishing and hunting were a way of life. Her favorite pastime as a young adult was fishing for muskellunge in Wisconsin – referred to as musky fishing. Muskies are the monsters of the lakes and rivers. Many say they are the freshwater equivalent of the barracuda. They are omnivorous and will eat anything they can. Jennifer learned a lot about nature and the “circle of life” from her days fishing musky on the lakes of Wisconsin.

Jennifer earned a master of science (M.S.) degree in Environment and Resources from the University of Wisconsin. Her specific interests included both animal and plant ecology and wildlife resources. She also had a keen interest in conservation ecology.

Jennifer has traveled extensively throughout South America, Africa, and Europe. This has given her the opportunity to study other cultures and witness how they adapt to their environment. Her curios nature has resulted in a vast amount of knowledge. Her survival skills have proven useful on more than a dozen occasions. Jennifer is excited and honored to share her knowledge and skills with our readers. She is both a student and teacher of survival.

Dan “The Gaul”
Dan "The Gaul" Dan is a young 61-year-old. He served in the United States Army from 1971 to 1979. Dan also has several years’ experience in law enforcement. During those times and with the passage of time, he amassed training, experience, and lots of opinions in regard to what can be done or must be done to protect and safeguard his most precious valuables – his family!

Material things do not mean anything to Dan. Those items can be replaced at a later time if needed. Dan will tell you that his wife, his children, his grandchildren and his great grand kids are too precious and not replaceable! He is personally willing to do all that he can to protect, guide, and instruct them during those times of catastrophes, nature-made or man-made.

Dan’s specialized training in the United States Army included escape, evasion, and survival in different terrains and climates. Dan is well read on the subject of survivalism. His favorite nightly activity is viewing movies and videos on the subject of survival. Dan is a professional tester for survival gear. He tests tools and methods, some with good results and many with not so good results. Like many survivalists, Dan hopes and prays that what he has learned will never be needed. When he was a young kid their motto was “Always Be Prepared”. This motto has stayed with him to this day.

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