Flashlights, Batteries, And Candles

By on April 17, 2014

This presentation discusses the importance of these preparedness items. The narrator implores everyone to keep flashlights, batteries, and candles in stock and to buy them in bulk for the best price. Get your flashlights in all shapes and sizes. The presenter bought ten flashlights with thirty batteries at Walmart for ten dollars. They came packaged together.

When it comes to batteries, you should purchase any kind that you use: double A’s, triple A’s, C’s, D’s 9 volts, etc. You want to be stocked up because one of the first thing that’s going to go at the slightest hint of any storm or anything coming down the pipe are batteries, flashlights, and candles. People are going to stock up on these things and stores are going to run out of them. Don’t wait until you need them. Go out and get them soon because they may not be there when you need them.

Candles not only give you light, you can put one in a coffee can to create a heat source for yourself. If you get trapped in your car in the winter, a candle in a coffee can could save your life.

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