How To Start A Fire With Duct Tape

By on January 22, 2018
duct tape

Most of us have duct tape in our survival kits or bug out bags. Many of us just wrap it around our water bottle to have handy in a survival situation. Duct tape has been around for a long time and is made of three components: polyethylene plastic coating, rubber based adhesive, and cotton fiber mesh. Duct tape works excellent as an assist to start a fire. You will need a magnesium fire starter to do this.

Seven steps to start a fire with duct tape:

1. Cut a 1″ to 1.5″ long piece of duct tape.

2. Loosely fold or roll the duct tape so that it makes a stick shape.

3. You can use more duct tape or less depending on your situation.

4. Build a pile of magnesium flakes with your magnesium bar.

5. Send a spark to your magnesium flakes pile to start a burn and then add your duct tape stick to ignite it.

7. Take your duct tape stick to your tender pile and start your camp fire.

Duct tape will burn for about one minute and your left over polyethylene pile will burn for another minute. Therefore, you have about two minutes to start your fire. It does not take much duct tape to start a fire – about one inch should be sufficient.

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