How To Survive A Flood

By on February 7, 2017
flood evacuation

A dry bag can become an important flotation device during a flood evacuation. They are not very expensive and are fairly well made. A bright colored dry bag is best as you will be easily seen by first responders. Padded straps on your dry bag can help as it may be carried like a backpack. Most dry bags come with a tall neck at the opening so that you can roll it down before clipping it. This ensures that the contents inside the dry bag will never get wet.

If you are carrying your dry bag as a backpack, please keep in mind that the flood waters could cause you to go face down into the water. This can happen when the flood waters become deeper than you when you’re standing. Your dry bag as a backpack is very buoyant. If you carry your dry bag in front of you, it will turn you face up in the flood waters. This is much safer and the dry bag becomes a comfortable flotation device. If you happen to be carrying two dry bags, put each one under your arm for the most comfortable floating position. These will hold you up very well. Your dry bag should have your basic go bag supplies in it including a first aid kit.

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