Are You Prepared For An EMP?

By on April 21, 2014
electromagnetic pulse

The United States is facing a threat graver than any we’ve ever known. In fact, former counselor to the United States Senate, predicts this could wipe out over 280 million Americans. If the worst should happen and an EMP occurs, life is going to be miserable…miserable for the people who have prepared and absolutely awful for those who have not prepared. There are many factors to prepare for an EMP. Here’s just a few:

  • Store food away. There isn’t going to be any freight coming through and grocery stores have a limited supply – just what is on the shelves. Farms will not be able to produce because their large scale machinery will be shut down.
  • Get a solar oven for cooking. Solar ovens work just as well as a normal oven. You can bake bread, cook meat, and all kinds of other things. Look online for videos on how to make a solar oven or just buy one already made.
  • Water is crucial. Water is more crucial than food. You have to have water. It only takes a few days for people to go psycho if they don’t have water.
  • Get a Faraday Cage. It was invented by a man named Michael Faraday. Basically, it protects your electronics from an EMP. There are a lot of people online that will show you how to make a Faraday Cage.
  • Get a bike and a bike trailer.
  • Get walkie-talkies with rechargeable batteries and an old ham radio with vacuum tubes to communicate abroad. You may also want a solar powered battery charger.
  • Print photos or any files you may need. Get educational materials such as a survival guide and first aid guide. Google will be gone and you won’t have access to any of that kind of information.

This video is hardly the end all for EMP preparedness but it is a good start. Speak up and share your opinion and be heard by commenting below about your thoughts on this article.

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