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By on October 27, 2015
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Originally developed for NASA, the MPA Space All Weather Blanket is warmer than wool. It retains 80% of radiated body heat, preventing hypothermia and providing unsurpassed protection in sub-zero temperatures. Features: Warmer than wool Incredibly durable Multi-ply laminated construction makes it the perfect safety blanket Tear and puncture resistant Can be used for emergency signaling Made of a four-ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film Item Specifications: Dimensions: 60"(152 cm) x 84"(214cm) Weight: 12 ounces (340 g)

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Customer Reviews


 on February 13, 2015
By Craig H
I used these to make some bunk end covers for my camper. Just made some folds along an edge, added some grommets, and threaded it with a good rope. Very pleased with the result! The camper stays much cooler in the summer because the foil reflects sunlight. It also helps keep the camper darker in the mornings. We also don’t get the interior condensation dripping back down on us in the cold nights because the little air space between this blanket and our existing camper cover keeps the inside surface warmer! Plus, this DIY version of bunk covers cost a fraction of what actual bunk end covers cost!

A great product. Many uses.

 on October 28, 2011
By Andrew J Libby
I use these to keep warm at my kid’s sporting events. I also keep one in my car and take one when I go camping/hiking. They are much tougher (and I think they work better) job than the plain mylar sheet. When I was new to hiking, I made the mistake of wearing all cotton materials on a hike (not a good idea due to water retention). I live in Western Washington and, big surprise, it rained on me. I found myself at about 6000 feet, soaking wet, and freezing (very stupid on my part). It took about 60 seconds from the time I wrapped up in one of these to get comfortably warm. Another added plus is that it features eyelets so you can tie down if you need to. It is very light, in fact, I have started carrying one with me in my laptop bag when I go to work.

Exactly what I needed!

 on October 16, 2013
By ECHO444
EXACTLY what I needed! This “blanket” is more like a thin tarp and one side is silver reflective … perfect for making a small lean-to to reflect the camp fire heat. Seems like a very durable, quality product. The corners have brass eyelets to secure tarp/blanket. Makes for a perfect small shelter.

Excellent piece of gear

 on April 25, 2015
By scottalias
I took this along on a hike in March on the Appalachian Trail this year. Mostly I used it as ground cloth for my tent, and the late winter ground didn’t seem cold. I’ve always considered an air mattress or foam pad necessary for survival in cold weather, but now those seem just comfort items.

Great product.

 on April 15, 2015
By Alan Best
Great product. I added this to my pack when heading out to ~15 Deg F. weather when the bag that I had was rated to 20 Deg F. This space blanket did a great job at reflecting heat back into the bag and made the nights noticeably more comfortable than when I didn’t use it. This is now a permanent fixture to my pack when heading into areas with questionable weather.

Portable Hobo Home

 on April 20, 2015
By Camper25
This is a good multi use tarp. It will keep you warm, but not a replacement for a blanket, it works great in combination with a mummy bag or something similar, it packs that extra boost to keep you warm. Although dont wrap tape around it, ive i seen some people do, the tape will tear off some of the layer on the outside, so you know, do try it. I got the olive color i will say the picture makes its look different, the olive is a green a very good green not a brownish green. If that makes any difference. I carry in a messager bag in case of emergency i have little stakes and a foot print and bam make shift shelter if i need it badly. Recommend this for any emergency kit vastly over the Mylar blankets any day, this is reusable and worth it.

Best use of ounces in my pack

 on April 6, 2015
By Don Juan Dubbl
I slept in this a few winter nights and I stayed warm. It is lightweight. It takes up very little space. When it came into contact with branches, ice, rocks, ect. it did not tear. It is easy to clean. There are quality grommets in the corners you could use to make a small lean to. Weather proof. Not big enough to make a tent with just one of these, but with two it could easily be done. I plan to buy at least one more. Works great as a ground pad to prevent loss of body heat. If you do this clear debris first, though it is somewhat durable I believe if you are lying on it over something jagged enough it would tear.

Excellent Blanket

 on January 1, 2014
By David O.
I had bad luck wrestling with mylar survival blankets. They are too thin, too small and did not keep me warm at all. They do work to help waterproof your primitive shelter as long as nothing pokes a hole through it. I needed something with more thickness and this fits the bill perfectly. It is heavier and resists holes and tears and only adds ounces to the weight. It also comes with brass grommets for tie downs or a tarp. I have one in my backpack and one in my truck. They come in an assortment of colors for different missions. I like the green for shelters. Some will like the bright orange for rescue and they have a shinny one similar to the mylar blankets. These are true survival blankets. Good luck.

Amazing space blankets

 on December 4, 2017
By E. McGee
Wow! Amazing space blankets! We ordered 2 of these to try out on our most recent camping trip and they worked better than we expected. We stayed warm all night despite the cold temperatures. I like that one side is solver and the other side is olive. It’s the best of both worlds – reflective or camo! I am very impressed!

Good for emergencies.

 on February 27, 2015
By A. Falco
Pretty good emergency blanket. I admit it feels a little flimsier than I was expecting. But it’s far, far superior to the mylar space blankets that are extremely prone to tearing. I did think it would feel slightly more substantial, but I’m sure it will work just fine. I’m not entirely sure I’d trust these as tarps, but in a pinch they’d probably work. The trim around the edges does feel like the type of plasticky material that one might expect to crack and start flaking off soon, but we’ll see.

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