How To Start Homesteading

By on August 12, 2014

What would you do when you first start out homesteading? You don’t want to lose all your money, get burned out, decide you hate your family, decide you hate your land, decide you hate gardening, decide you hate your animals, etc. Basically, you don’t want to find out after the fact that you hate the homesteading lifestyle.

You never want to get ahead of yourself when it comes to homesteading. This video will provide you with steps towards creating a homestead you’ll enjoy for years to come. One very good idea presented is to keep a journal. This allows you to keep track of what ideas worked and what ideas failed. There is nothing worse than making the same mistake twice. Books are also an important resource when you start out homesteading. This video tells you how to pick the right books and save money on them too. You’ll also learn tips on raising and breeding animals.

About Jennifer Wessler

Jennifer earned a master of science (M.S.) degree in Environment and Resources from the University of Wisconsin. Her specific interests included both animal and plant ecology and wildlife resources.

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